Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Thanks a Latke

My new job involves a lot of food! I'm currently working for a Catering Company in the corporate office and boy is this a dream come true for me... My two passions in one.

I got invited to their Annual Latke Festival at the Metropolitan Pavilion last night and had a blast!

What is a Latke, you ask? (Very popular in Jewish cooking) It's a pancake, especially one made with grated potato.

The festival was a competition involving a bunch of different venues show casing their own twist on a traditional latke, at the end everyone votes for a winner. Delicious I must say!

Korean Style Pork potato pancake with Kimchi Crema
Salmon roe, lox and red mustard on a Latke
Sour cream, Apple butter and Pickled Ginger on a baby Latke

Everyone is welcomed to purchase tickets for and join our events, will update on more very soon
Happy Hanukkah!

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